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With a PhD in political science and years of experience in the data analysis industry, Stephen “Steve” Shellman supports the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Currently, Steve Shellman serves as the president, chief scientist, and chief executive officer of Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Inc (SAE).

Founded in 2008, Strategic Analysis Enterprises was established to offer the United States government and commercial clients decision support analysis, including strategies to determine intent and emotion from different types of text. Some of the company’s current projects include working with the Office of Naval Research on their Worldwide Integrated Crisis Early Warning System and a project to understand how text influences behavioral processes in relation to political conflict. An industry leader, SAE provides three different services to cover a wide range of situations and project requirements.

Pathos. Although many other industry tools limit their content examination to counting the number of positive versus negative words, the automated Pathos program also considers the intent of the interaction. It can then extrapolate the data for a number of possible future uses for prediction or study.

Quantitative modeling. Through its innovative quantitative modeling technique, SAE combines statistics with empirical models to develop useful, straightforward analysis.

Xenophon. An automated tool, the Xenophon program goes beyond simple object and subject analysis in each examined electronic text. Able to understand complex semantics, it can determine relationships and interactions from the text.


An accomplished thought leader in the field of political development forecasting, Steve Shellman leads as president and CEO of Strategic Analysis Enterprises. In this role, Stephen Shellman oversees the development of software and systems for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and other government agencies.

As a primary contractor to the Office of Naval Research (ONR), Strategic Analysis Enterprise has developed a number of innovative systems that help to predict upheaval in communities around the world. Strategic Analysis Enterprise, or SAE, has distinguished itself as a key subcontractor in the creation of the Integrated Crisis Early Warning System (ICEWS), which analyzes data from multiple sources to determine locations of potentially problematic unrest. Now, the company is in collaboration with the ONR to expand this system for use in all significant combatant commands.

Strategic Analysis Enterprises is also currently contracting with the ONR on the development of a program known as Sub-Regional Modeling of Instability at the Regional Level, or SIMPL. Similar to the mission of ICEWS, this program plans to focus on unrest at the local level and enable response before a crisis situation occurs. Continually in search of programs that will support these missions, SAE is engaged in developing a text-processing capability that has the ability to assess sentiments, emotions, and political opinions from printed material. The company believes that this will have far-reaching abilities in terms of the military’s ability to understand and intervene in upheaval situations.