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Established in 2008 by Stephen Shellman, Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Inc., develops complex and comprehensive software to collect and analyze data related to violence, including terror, rebellion, and insurgency. The company works with the government of the United States and private clients, and forecasts when and where these types of events will occur based on information culled from electronic text. 

The company’s three major services include quantitative modeling, event analysis, and automated sentiment analysis. Quantitative modeling includes analysis of data using empirical methods. Xenophon employs artificial intelligence and computational linguistics to code events of violence and other political events. Pathos analyzes the sentiment of people and populations through social media and extracts information about changing attitudes, plans, and goals.

The President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Scientist of Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Stephen Shellman holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Florida State University. In addition to his role at the company, he also manages the operations of the Violent Intranational Political Conflict and Terrorism Research Laboratory (VIPCAT) at the College of William & Mary.