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Dr. Stephen (Steve) Shellman currently uses statistical models to deliver decision support solutions to domestic agencies as the chief scientist, president, and CEO of Strategic Analysis Enterprises. With a PhD in international relations and quantitative methods, Dr. Steve Shellman has also served as a research scientist at the Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations at the College of William & Mary (W&M).

W&M recently issued a press release to announce that its Confucius Institute helped host 40 students from China’s Beijing Normal University during a summer school session that lasted five weeks. Along with securing space and services for the students at W&M, Beijing Normal officials asked that the students’ records would show that they had engaged in the school’s normally scheduled courses and earned credits from W&M. The students had the opportunity to experience a wide range of classes, including public speaking, international finance, and cultural anthropology.

According to W&M’s dean of education policy, the recent program illustrates the importance of fostering internationalization through two-way exchange. She explained that school should continue to focus on both sending students abroad and welcoming students from countries around the world.