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The director of Strategic Analysis Enterprises Inc., Steve Shellman is a recognized expert in qualitative and quantitative analysis, sentiment analysis, and event forecasting. Stephen Shellman uses an automated sentiment analysis tool known as Pathos to extract and analyze author sentiment and apply findings to organizational strategic analysis.

Sentiment analysis is also known as opinion mining, and is a process used by organizations to determine the opinions of customers or authors about a certain topic, product, or service. The interest in sentiment analysis has expanded in recent years, as social media platforms, blogs, and forums have made sentiments more readily available to marketers, individuals, and companies. The information gleaned through sentiment analysis may be used for public relations, product development, customer relations, marketing, or stock market speculation.

Sentiment analysis tools and software have been developed to analyze large amounts of data available to an organization or individual on the Internet. Automated sentiment analysis tools use algorithms or keywords to identify opinions, analyze attitudes, and study trends in user opinion over a pre-determined time period. As phrases and patterns identified in sentiments vary across domains, sentiment analysis tools may be customized or adapted for a particular industry, product, or service.