Accomplished political scientist Stephen “Steve” Shellman leads Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Inc., as the statistical analytics and data collection firm’s president and chief executive officer. In the past, Steve Shellman has also used his expertise on behalf of other organizations, including the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD).

In pursuit of its mission to fight the beliefs that contribute to terrorism and defend democratic values, FDD oversees a variety of programs and activities focused on foreign policy and national security. For the last four years, the organization has sponsored the National Security Fellows Program, which brings together accomplished young professionals for 12 months of mentorship and collaboration.

In addition to meetings with top government officials, Fellows have the opportunity to take part in roundtable discussions with national security experts and attend a skill building session focused on strategic communications. After they have completed the 12-month program, Fellows can stay current on national security issues through special alumni programming that includes private briefings and VIP events. More information about FDD’s National Security Fellowship Program can be found at


Strategic Analysis Enterprise CEO and chief research scientist Stephen “Steve” Shellman is the author of one book and numerous articles on political conflict and international conflict analysis. Additionally, Steve Shellman has presented at several conferences and political forums, including the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Minerva Research Initiative in 2010.

A university-based social science research program launched by the Secretary of Defense in 2008, the Minerva Initiative uses research and data analysis to support the DoD. It focuses on strategically important regions around the world and strives to improve the DoD’s understanding of the key factors shaping these regions, which include cultural, behavioral, social, and political forces. Minerva Initiative conferences are held annually to discuss current projects and ongoing research.

The Minerva Initiative employs three primary strategies to accomplish its goal. First, it relies on a network of connections and affiliations with the nation’s top universities to provide leverage and focus for research efforts. It works to define and develop fundamental knowledge regarding present and future conflicts with the intention of better understanding political trajectories of key regions worldwide. Additionally, it works with some of the top scholars in social science research and interdisciplinary studies fields to improve the DoD’s developmental research abilities.

Shellman’s presentation during the 2010 Minerva Initiative involved analyzing the model for dynamic violence through integrated events. Delivered with the aid of two fellow presenters at the National Defense University, the presentation was titled Modeling Dynamic Violence: Integrating Events Data Analysis and Agent-Based Modeling.