Lockheed Martin Creates Brand New Technologies, Updates Older Ones

A researcher specializing in international conflict, Stephen “Steve” Shellman leads Strategic Analysis Enterprises as CEO and chief research scientist. Steve Shellman’s work at Strategic Analysis Enterprises includes a partnership with Lockheed Martin to develop an integrated crisis early warning system.

One of the world’s largest defense and aviation industry companies, Lockheed Martin possesses a diverse product portfolio that includes military aircraft such as the F-35 Lightning II and the C-130 Hercules. More than half a century old, the C-130 Hercules possesses a strong reputation for flexibility and reliability. Lockheed Martin has led continuous efforts to modernize the aircraft to keep up with technological advances.

The latest iteration of the C-130, the C-130J Super Hercules, possesses digital aeronautics, enhanced durability, and efficiencies that reduce operating costs. It possesses capabilities beyond the C-130’s original cargo mission and can be equipped with MAFFS II, a firefighting system that can cover a large area with flame retardant chemicals. The system can discharge 3,000 gallons of retardant in only five seconds or dispense it in shorter bursts in multiple passes. It only takes 12 minutes to refill, allowing the aircraft to make multiple runs on a fire in a short period of time.


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