Monthly Archives: October 2013

Founded in March 2008 and located in Virginia, Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Inc., (SAE), assists the United States government and commercial clients with decision support analysis. The company creates software applications through in-depth projects where it can extract political behavior and emotions from text. One project to which SAE made significant contributions is the integrated crisis early warning system (ICEWS). As president and CEO of SAE, Dr. Stephen M. Shellman spearheaded the company’s involvement with this program as well as other similar projects.

The ICEWS aims to integrate numerous data feeds and diagnostic models to predict potential outbreaks of violence and unrest across the globe. Three components are used to accomplish this: iTrace, iCast, and iSent. iTrace uses algorithms to transform news reports to determine levels of concern. iCast uses the data from iTrace to forecast possible violent outbursts. iSent peruses blogs and newsfeeds to extract data from a particular region.

In addition to his work with SAE, Dr. Stephen Shellman is a research scientist. He is the creator and director of the Violent Intranational Political Conflict and Terrorism (VICPAT) Research Laboratory located at the College of William and Mary. Additionally, he works with the school’s Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations. Also known as Dr. Steve Shellman, he received his PhD in political science from Florida State University.