The Importance of Web-Based Sentiment Analysis

As CEO and chief scientist at Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Inc., Steve Shellman is responsible for developing qualitative and quantitative analytic systems that allow clients to understand, predict, and influence events, behavior, and popular beliefs. Steve Shellman and Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Inc., use academic methodology to develop tools and strategies for solving real world problems. 

With the rise of social media and user-created content, sentiment analysis is becoming increasingly important for gauging the actions, reactions, and beliefs of consumers, writers, and others who create internet content about any number of topics. It is virtually impossible to manually read and interpret the vast amount of information stored online. Thus, data analysis researchers and companies have developed sophisticated tools that automatically mine and analyze web content.

These sentiment analysis tools serve a variety of purposes for political, corporate, and media interests. Businesses use sentiment analysis to gain information about customers and their opinions, thereby more effectively marketing their products and finding new audiences. Governments and politicians employ analysis tools in gauging, and even generating, support for a political candidate or platform. Media and news outlets, most of which operate at least partially online, work to understand public interest through analysis of reader-generated comments.


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